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If you’ve made it to this page, you probably already know that finding the right Martinsville bail bondsman can make all the difference. You’ve made a great choice. At Apex Bail Bonds, we offer the lowest rates allowed by law, and offer many flexible payment options for our clients! Our local bail bonds company provides Henry County bail bonds to the community.

Whether you need a bail bondsman for the Martinsville City Jail or a bail bond for the Henry County Jail, we provide a fast and cheap alternative to many other services and the service Tony Millner was known for. 

We are 1 mile from the Henry County Courthouse at 1033 Liberty St., Martinsville, VA 24112.

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You stand a better chance of getting your loved one out of jail quickly when you work with a local bail bonds agent familiar with navigating the system. Our team at Apex Bail Bonds has decades of experience helping defendants secure their release. Our community trusts us because we provide:

Our Bail Bond Services

About Our Bail Bond Services

Enjoy Fast, Affordable, and Reliable Bail Bonds in Martinsville, VA

Apex Bail Bonds of Martinsville, VA is here to serve you through this difficult time. Apex Bail Bonds serves Ridgeway, Bassett, Spencer, Collinsville, Horse Pasture, Axton, and all Henry County bail bonds. We take pleasure in securing the release of your loved one and are always here to help. Trust that our team will work closely with you, educate you where needed, and ensure that your loved one is processed out of the jail system as quickly as possible. We offer one of the quickest Henry county bail bonds you can get in the area. We are the top choice for people who wish to secure their release from jail as fast as possible.

One more reason our community trusts us is our unconventional 24-hour bail bonds near me open now. You can always trust that there’ll be an experienced bail bondsman at the other end of the line to take your call. We take calls 24/7 and even during the holidays to cater to your needs. Get started now; call us!

Apex Bail Bonds will come to your rescue, especially when you need a trustworthy bondsman in Martinsville VA. We know that having freedom snatched can feel strange. We also know that you stand a better chance of building a solid legal defense for your loved one by getting them out of jailhouse quicker. Our team will facilitate the process for you.

Apex Bondsman Martinsville Henry County

What to Expect When You Call

About to call a Henry County or Martinsville bail bondsman? To accelerate this process there are four key pieces of information that are helpful for the bondsman to better answer any questions you may have. These include:

  • The name and date of birth of the person who was arrested;
  • The jail at which they are being held;
  • The charges;
  • The bond amount.

Don’t have some of this information readily available for when you call? Don’t worry! An Apex Bail Bonds representative will assist you in gathering the required information to post your Martinsville bail bond. Our whole goal is to make the bail bonding process as effortless as possible for you and your family.

We Serve Martinsville, VA and Nearby Areas

1033 Liberty St, Martinsville, VA 24112

Looking for a bail bond near me? Trust that our team at Apex Bail Bonds will be there for you. Our bail bond offices are open 24/7, and we serve customers in Martinsville, VA, and the surrounding areas.
Our bail bonds agent serves customers in:

Bail amount payments

Posting bail is stressful and a bail bond is usually an unexpected expense that is hard to plan for. That’s why Apex Bail Bonds offers many different financing options on our Martinsville and Henry County bail bonds.

Apex Bail Bonds accepts credit cards, cash, and car titles in some cases. Additionally, we can create a bail bond payment plan in order to help you get your friend or family member out of jail right away. All while gaining the chance to make payments over an extended period of time.

In order to qualify for a financing option on your Henry County bail bond, make sure you bring a co-signer who is employed and/or owns their own home. Our highly recommended bail bondsmen may ask to see proof of employment, such as a pay stub. Paper pay stubs or electronic pay stubs (on your cell phone) are both acceptable.

FAQs About Bail Bond Services in Martinsville VA

Bail bonds allow defendants access to an early release before their case is decided on. Following an arrest, defendants are arraigned before a judge who hears their case as well as their bail application. If granted, a set of conditions for the defendant’s release is ordered. Our team at Apex Bail Bonds can help defendants in Martinsville, VA, meet their bail condition at affordable prices.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, bail bondsmen charge between 10% and 15% of the total bond amount. The total bond amount is sometimes referred to as the “face amount” of the bond. For example, on a $2,500 bond, a bondsman will usually charge a 10% fee, or $250.

Yes. We offer flexible bail bond financing in Martinsville, VA. Our bail bonds experts are always ready to help. They will guide you through the financing process and help you to spread your payment across months to reduce your financial stress

For defendants who are being held in either the Martinsville City Jail or the Henry County Jail, the bail bond is posted in the same place. This is because there is only one magistrate’s office for both jails. The Henry County Magistrate’s Office is located at 3160 Kings Mountain Rd # F, Martinsville, Virginia, 24112. The magistrate’s office is located around the back of the Henry County Courthouse, which is located beside the Henry County Jail.

For family members posting bail for someone in the Martinsville City Jail, you must still go in front of the Henry County magistrate, or hire a bail bondsman to do so on your behalf. At Apex Bail Bonds, we make Martinsville bail bonds fast and easy, so we can assist you in making this process go as quickly as possible.

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Local Points of Interest

At Apex Bail Bonds, we care about you and the community. We make it easier to find the local points of interest, especially a loved one has been arrested or has been arraigned before a court. Find information about local courthouses and Police departments below:

Police Department

Martinsville Police Department
Martinsville Sheriff
State Police
Henry County Sheriff's Department

Martinsville Jail

Henry County Jail
Martinsville City Jail

Martinsville Courthouse

Circuit Court Clerk Office
Henry County Circuit Court Clerk

Martinsville, VA Local News

Apex Bail Bonds is your 24-hour bail bonds company in Martinsville, VA. We stay up to date with the latest news to enable us to serve you better. Here are some of the latest local news in the area.
Armed Robbery in Martinsville: The Martinsville Police Department is investigating an armed robbery at a local convenience store, Sparky’s Food Store, in Henry County.
Man Arrested for Attempted Bank Robbery: A Martinsville man has been arrested and charged to court for an attempted bank robbery, according to the local police.

Two Martinsville Men Arrested on Charges Relating to Shooting: The Martinsville Police Department has arrested two men in connection with a recent shooting in the area.

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