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Felony charges are considered more serious offenses than misdemeanors, and can result in a year or more of jail time, as well as other consequences. Felony charges will have a higher cost of bail than misdemeanor charges, but that does not mean that bail is completely out of reach. Seeking bail for a felony charge can be stressful, even scary. Turn to our compassionate bondsmen when you need assistance securing the safe and timely release of your loved one. Our affordable bondsmen offer affordable felony bail bonds in North Carolina and Virginia. 

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Qualifying for Felony Bail Bonds

Obtaining a felony bail bond is dependent on several factors the courts will use to determine risk of flight and danger to the public. 

  • Criminal Background: Previous charges on your record could make securing bail more difficult.
  • Age: The court system can often be more lenient on younger individuals, particularly those with no previous record. 
  • Residency: If you maintain a permanent residence, you are more likely to be granted bail. Your bail may also be lowered if you have maintained residency for a longer time. 
  • Employment: Continuous employment shows that you are less of a flight risk.
  • Nature of the offense: The less severe your charges, the more likely it is that you will be granted bail.
  • Family: The court may consider strong familial ties as an indicator that you are less of a flight risk.

The Bond Amount for Felony Charges

After the court determines if you are eligible for felony bonds, they will determine the bail amount for release. The bail amount for felonies is always higher than bail for misdemeanor charges. In some cases, repeated misdemeanor offenses can be elevated to felony charges by the court, making repeat offenders likely to pay more for bail. If the individual is unable to come up with the full bail sum, looking for bail bonds services in VA or NC should be the next option. In both Virginia and North Carolina, bail bondsmen charge between 10% and 15% of the total bond amount. The total bond amount is sometimes referred to as the “face amount” of the bond. For example, on a $2,500 bond, a bondsman will usually charge a 10% fee, or $250. 

Apex Bail Bonds is trusted throughout North Carolina and Virginia as a large bonds specialist. Let us help you get your loved one home, no matter the size of your bond. 

Can You Bond Out on a Felony Charge?

A felony charge does not automatically mean that bail is out of the question. For misdemeanor or felony charges, the magistrate will consider several factors to determine the flight risk and risk of danger to the public that an individual presents when setting the final bail amount. Once bail has been set, it can still be difficult to obtain the total amount required to secure the swift release of a loved one. Our payment plans make affording bail easier for more people. 

Felony bonds can be substantial, and many individuals and families find it difficult to collect the money in a short time. Apex Bail Bonds can offer compassionate, fast assistance when it comes to securing bonds for any amount. 

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