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Burglary: Breaking & Entering Bail Bonds Services For You

Burglary is a serious offense in any state across the US. This criminal offense is often characterized by a premeditated attack on another person’s property with the intent to steal. Unlike larceny, where the crime of theft is non-violent, burglary often involves the illegal or unauthorized breaking and entering of another person’s property.

Burglary offenses are punishable by law. It is often with the intent to dispossess another person of their valuables without their consent. Apex Bail Bonds can help if you or a loved one has been caught or implicated in such a criminal charge as this.

As one of the leading bail bonds companies in the state, Apex Bail Bonds offers breaking & entering bail bonds to defendants facing such charges. The gravity of the charges against each defendant will depend on the aggravating factors surrounding their case.

Arrests For Breaking And Entering

Arrests for breaking and entering can be made on the spot or after careful investigation of the crime scene and evidence collected. The police force is often in charge of effecting such an arrest. Once the arrest process is completed, the arrestee is transported to the jail or police detention cell, where they’ll be processed into the system.

Once processed in, the defendant will be remanded behind bars until such a time they are called up to court. Arraignments after an arrest usually take 24 hours, except in some states whose court systems are closed on weekends. The defendant will get a chance to know the charges against them during the arraignment. They can also enter a bail application at this stage. The presiding judge will consider the application, listen to both counsels, and determine whether to grant bail or not.

The judge is in charge of the bail amount set for each case. They can increase the bail amount to reflect the severity of the charges and the presence of aggravating factors. Depending on these factors, the sum might be very large, necessitating the immediate need for bail bonds services. Once bail has been set, the defendant can choose to pay the amount off directly to the court or contact a bail bondsman for burglary bail bonds. The major difference between both options is that the court requires full payment while bail bond companies like Apex Bail Bonds charge only a fraction of the bail amount. Call and ask about our flexible payment plans. Once the conditions for release have been met, the defendant will be processed out of jail with a promise to return on all court dates until the case has been decided.

Failure to show up without properly notifying the court can lead to an FTA charge. An FTA or Failure To Attend charge may be brought up against a defendant who has skipped their court date without a tangible excuse. The defendant may be fined or their bail may be revoked.

Have you recently been charged with burglary and are unable to pay bail? Are you looking for affordable bail bond companies to get you out, so you can work on your case outside the bars? Apex Bail Bonds is here to help. Our flexible financing options allow you to pay for bail without having to come up with the bail sum on your own, and our process is fast and simple. Rest assured that you will be out of jail and back home in no time. Call Us Now!

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