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Get Out of Jail Fast With Drug Trafficking Bail Bonds

The United States is strict about drugs, their use, manufacturing, possession, and all other aspects. You could easily be arrested for possessing over a certain amount of legal/illegal drugs. The law also extends to the possession and use of certain prescription medications. However, when charged with a drug crime, drug possession is considered a lower crime than drug trafficking.

When a loved one is arrested for drug trafficking, the chances of them facing steep bail conditions and requirements depends upon if it’s their first or second-time offense in the state of North Carolina. The court system considers the severity of the crime when determining the bail amount. In most cases, if it’s a second-time offense for a felony charge such as drug trafficking, charges may come with a $100,000 or more bail condition. Inability to meet this condition means the defendant will likely remain in jail until your case has been finalized.

An alternative is to pursue drug trafficking bail bonds which we offer at Apex Bail Bonds. With our bail bond for drug trafficking, you can secure your loved one’s release from jail as quickly as possible. Our compassionate bail bondsmen are always available and active 24/7, so you don’t have to stress. We are ready to work with you to understand your bail requirement and process it as quickly as possible.

How Much Is Bail for Smuggling Drugs?

One of the most common questions we face from clients is, “how much is bail for selling drugs”. As knowledgeable bail bondsmen, we understand that each case is different. Some large-scale drug dealing cases may attract as much as $250,000 or more in bail amount. Others may be higher, depending on the severity of the case and the amount of illegal substance found.

Our bail bondsmen are happy to work with clients at all times to resolve issues and get them out of jail as quickly as possible. Trust that we also offer a flexible payment plan to defendants needing bond for drug trafficking charges.

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How Bail in Drug Trafficking Cases Is Determined

Bail is the amount demanded by the court in exchange for a defendant’s pretrial release. The amount stands as a guarantee for the defendant and will be returned at the end of the case – provided the defendant didn’t miss any court dates.

The bail amount is determined by a judge during an arraignment or bail hearing. The amount set depends on the type of charges against the defendant, past criminal records, aggravating factors, etc.

Judges may decide to increase bail amount in severe cases, or they may turn down bail applications in instances where conviction may lead to capital punishment.

For drug smuggling cases, the bail amount is set based on the type and amount of illegal substance, the defendant’s past criminal record, and a few other factors.

Once the bail amount has been set, you can reach out to Apex Bail Bonds for your drug trafficking bail bonds near me. Our team will work closely with you to process it as quickly as possible.

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