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Become a Bail Bondsman in Virginia

America currently has thousands of bail bondsmen working closely with civil and criminal defendants and their families to ensure their speedy release from jail. Does this sound like you? Do you have a passion for helping people? Are you interested in working with families to reunite them with their arrested loved ones? You can become a bail bondsman with us at Apex Bail Bonds.

At Apex Bail Bonds, we are always looking for capable and compassionate bail bondsmen to help our community. Our goal is to provide quick, 24-hour bail bonds to the people in our community. Interested in helping us get more people freed from jail? We want to read your resume.

Before sending in your resume, we encourage you to read the following sections on how to become a bail bondsman in VA.

What You Need To Know About Apex Bail Bonds Agents

To become bail bondsman with us at Apex Bail Bonds, we encourage you to have a passion for helping people. We focus on helping civil and criminal defendants who have been granted bail regain their freedom and reunite with their loved ones. Our goal is to be able to deliver the fastest bail bonding services in Danville, VA, and the surrounding areas.

By becoming a bail bondsman with Apex Bail Bonds, you agree that you understand that;

  • Being a bail bond agent can be stressful and demanding. The job can also be equally rewarding.
  • Most bail bond agents get paid based on commission.
  • Our bail bonds agents may need to show up in court occasionally or frequently, depending on what they’re working on. Court appearances may be to perfect bail conditions, to fill and prepare paperwork, or to pick up court paperwork.

We encourage interested bail bond agents to be familiar or willing to familiarize themselves with court and bail bonding processes.

As your 24 hour bondsman we are always available to take your call!
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What You Need To Become a Bail Bondsman

Wondering what you need to be a bail bondsman with us? Apex Bail Bonds has a clear requirement from all bail bondsmen working with us. We require our bail bondsmen to;

Every bail bonds agent of ours is required to meet these criteria to ensure quality bail bonds service to our community, especially as we aim to reduce the number of people behind bars through the bail bond process.

Interested in becoming a bail bondsman in VA?

We want to see your resume. Contact us to submit your resume, and our team will be in touch. We aim to work with all qualified persons to ensure that Virginia bail bonds are available across our community.


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Do you currently hold or have you ever held a bail bonds license?
Is it currently active or inactive?
Do you currently hold an active Property & Casualty insurance license?
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