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Bail Bond Calculator

The bail system allows you to secure an early release from jail pending a decision on your case. You can successfully reduce the amount paid to secure your freedom by choosing bail bonds. Calculating the average bail amounts for crime can be a hassle. Use our bail bond calculator to solve this problem.

How Bail Is Set in North Carolina and Virginia

Bail bonds in NC and VA are set according to state laws. All civil and criminal defendants whose bail has been granted by the court will be required to pay an amount and meet certain conditions as set by a magistrate or local judge.

In setting the bail amount, the court considers important factors like:

  • The severity of the charges and additional aggravating factors;
  • Whether the arrested is a flight risk or not;
  • The defendant’s criminal history.

In North Carolina and Virginia, all non-domestic and non-felony cases may be heard and bail bonds set within 48 hours. In some cases, bail may be set immediately after an arrest. The timeline between the arrest and bail condition also depends on the type of offense committed.

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Our bond amount calculator estimates how much you may need to secure your or your loved one’s release from jail, especially after their bail has been granted. Our bail bondsmen can also help you manually calculate the bail bond amount when you appear physically at our offices.

With our bail bond amount calculator, we aim to reduce the stress and hassles associated with calculating your bail bond amount while helping you focus more on the reduced financial obligations required to secure your loved one’s release.

In addition to using our bond calculator online, you can inquire about our flexible bail bond financing solution. Our bail bond financing solution saves you more money, allowing you to spread bail bond amounts over an agreed period.

We encourage you to contact us to speak to any of our experienced bail bondsmen to discuss our financing solutions and how you can benefit from them.

Can The Bail Bond Amount Be Reduced?

Your bail bond amount is set by the court during your bail hearing. You may be able to reduce your bail amount and, by extension, your bail bond amount by filing a motion to modify the bond.

Once this motion is filed, a court date is set where the judge hears your case and decides on whether to modify the bail amount originally set for your release. In essence, you can modify the end result provided by our bail bond amount calculator by reducing your original bail amount through the court system.

Alternatively, you can contact our bail bondsmen to discuss our easy and flexible bail bond financing solution. It’s fast and simple. It also allows you to spread bail bond payments over months.

Can a Judge Deny You Bail?

Yes. A magistrate or local judge can deny your bail for different reasons. Bail is often denied in cases where the defendant is considered a flight risk. The court may also deny bail in cases where the defendant likely faces capital punishment if convicted for the charges against them. Other reasons for bail denial may also include criminal history, a possible threat to oneself or society, etc.

How Apex Bail Bonds Became Known for our Large Bond Expertise

As an industry expert, Apex Bail Bonds’ owner Fred Shanks, IV is proud to be one of the few bail bondsmen in the Mid-Atlantic to have posted a $1,000,000 bond.

At the time Fred was told by many veteran bondsmen that he was wasting his time trying to post such a large bond, as none of them had ever succeeded in doing so. Fred felt otherwise, and within days he became the youngest bail bondsman ever to post a $1 Million Dollar Bond in the entire Mid-Atlantic (according to publicly available information). After earning that designation and an influx of new business and media attention, Mr. Shanks bolstered the Apex Bail Bonds roster by adding one of the most respected veteran bail bondsmen in Rockingham County to the Apex Bail Bonds team, Julian Robertson, Jr. Since then, Mr. Shanks and Apex Bail Bonds have been recognized as Large Bond Experts by both industry and media outlets alike. Apex Bail Bonds continues to post multiple six-figure to seven-figure bonds every month on behalf of its local clients. To read more about the Large Bond Process or download our Large Bond Approval form, click here.

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