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Notary Public Services in Danville

24 Hour Notary Public

Get your documents notarized after regular business hours or on the weekends!

Sometimes getting your documents notarized during regular business hours can be difficult, especially if you have a job yourself. At Apex Bail Bonds, we have a commissioned Notary Public to handle all of your Danville notary service needs!

Our Danville bail bonds office is located at 509 Loyal St., behind the police station and across from the Danville City Jail. In order to make sure our notary is available and in the office, *please call ahead* so that we can set an appointment for you or tell you to come on down to get your documents notarized.

How to Get a Document Notarized in Danville

  1. All persons whose signatures need to be notarized must bring valid photo identification. Check to make sure the identification isn’t expired! A Notary cannot accept the word of a third party as identification to justify notarizing a person’s signature!
  2. Do NOT sign the document until the notary is present and watching you do it. Wait until you get to our Danville office before signing anything on the document that you wish to have notarized. The term “acknowledged before me” means the person signing the document has satisfied the notary as to be his or her identity and has actually signed the document while the notary was watching him or her do it.
  3. A Virginia notary CAN notarize a document to be filed and used outside of Virginia, as long as it is signed and notarized in Virginia.
  4. A notary cannot certify birth, marriage, or death certificates.
  5. A notary is not authorized to perform marriages or any act that constitutes the practice of law.
  6. Every effort should be made to have the complete notarization on the same page as the signature(s) being notarized. If notarization must be done on a separate page from the signature, the notarial statement must include the name of each person whose signature is being notarized.

​A Notary Public is by law a public officer that is appointed by the Governor of Virginia. A Notary provides an important service to his/her clients but must at all times use extreme care and diligence in the performance of notarial duties. Notaries must also follow all Virginia laws and regulations pertaining to notaries, or they can be criminally prosecuted. Because of this, the guidelines must be adhered to strictly.

As your 24 hour bondsman we are always available to take your call!
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The 7 Items Required On Each Document to be Notarized

1. The name of the county or city in which the document is being signed.
2. The date the document is signed.
3. The notarial statement – whatever is being notarized (i.e. a signature, a true copy of an original, or an oath).
4. The notary’s signature.
5. The date that the notary’s commission expires.
6. The notary’s registration number.
7. The notary’s seal or stamp.

Call Apex Bail Bonds for a Danville or Chatham Notary Public or if you need a weekend or 24/7 notary service. 

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