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Identity Theft Bail Bonds

Identity theft is one of the most common and widespread white-collar crimes across the globe. The crime is committed by stealing someone’s identity or representing oneself as another. Identity theft is classified under fraud and is a criminal offense.

A person may be arrested and charged with identity theft if he or she deliberately stole or unlawfully used another person’s personal information. Personal information, in this case, could be tax ID number, address, name, birth date, social security number, employee or any other form of identification, passport information, driver’s license, etc. The law classifies this as a wrongful representation for the perpetrator’s gain.

However, a person may not be charged with identity theft simply because they are in possession of another person’s information. The crime is perpetrated when such a defendant uses the information available to them to acquire money, goods, services, properties, medical information, etc., without the identity owner’s consent.

Identity theft and aggravated identity fraud are two similar yet distinct criminal offenses. Identity fraud often involves the use of credible information belonging to another person for gains. On the other hand, aggravated identity fraud involves the creation of a nonexistent individual with the sole purpose of making gains, defrauding, or misleading others. If your friend or family member is charged with identity theft, you might want to look for nearby bail bond services like Apex Bail Bonds to get them out of this tricky situation as soon as possible. 

Arrests for Identity Theft

Perpetrators of identity theft are likely to get caught after an investigation into the case. Usually, the original person whose identity has been stolen can lodge a complaint with the appropriate authorities. The police investigators will do their job leading to an arrest. Following the arrest, the defendant will be thrown in jail, where they await their first court appearance. The initial appearance or bail hearing allows the defendant to plead their case for bail.

Judges working over cases like this have the power to grant or deny bail for identity theft. Once granted, the defendant will be required to meet the conditions of the bail before their release. Defendants can either choose to pay in full directly to the court or seek bail bonds help. That’s where Apex Bail Bonds makes an appearance.

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How Much is Bail for Identity Theft?

The bail amount set for identity theft varies based on the facts of the case. Aggravated cases will attract steeper punishments from judges. In most cases, the typical amount ranges from $1,500 to $50,000 but can reach as high as six-figures for serious identity theft cases. 

Once the amount has been set, the defendant can secure a bail bond for identity theft to fast-track their release from custody. If you’re wondering how much bail for identity theft is or looking for a bail bond calculator, use our bail bond calculator as a guide. 

What to Do After an Arrest for Identity Fraud?

If you have been arrested for identity fraud, you can improve your chances of a positive outcome by contacting a bail bonds company like Apex Bail Bonds. We have experienced bail bondsmen available 24/7 and ready to help you through the process. Call us to get started.

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