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White-collar crimes are non-violent crimes committed by people in business, public officials, professionals, and or others for personal financial gains. The term is an umbrella word for different types of financial fraud and acts designed to deceive others in order to gain personal or business advantages.

White-collar crimes can either be classed as a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the severity of the offense. In more severe cases, the defendant is slammed with a felony charge or multiple felony charges.

Common Crimes Under The White-Collar Crime Umbrella Include


Involving counterfeiting, altering, or falsifying another person’s handwriting or signature with an intent to defraud. It may also involve the development of a fictitious character with an intent to commit fraud.


Is an act whereby a person or group of persons receive unfair or undeserved benefits due to another. This act often causes harm or loss to other persons. Common fraud types include credit card fraud, tax fraud, identity fraud, insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, etc.


Is an act intended to buy one’s way through a situation by illegally offering money or other valuable items to influence an official’s action or decisions.

Money Laundering

Involves the financial instrumentation of illegally sourced money from acts like drug sales, trafficking, gambling, etc.


Involves replication, reproduction, or changing products like money, IP-protected properties, IDs, etc., for gains.

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Bail Bonds for White-Collar Crimes

Getting arrested for white-collar crime charges can be overwhelming. However, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure your freedom after arrest.

Apex Bail Bonds offers bail bonds for white-collar crimes across all areas we service. Our bail bondsmen in NC and VA are open 24/7 and happy to help reunite you and your loved ones.

We know what it takes to navigate the bail bond system, and we offer financing plans to help you spread your white-collar crime bail bond amount over an agreed period.

Are you looking for white-collar crime bail bonds nearby? Get in touch with us at Apex Bail Bonds to get started.

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