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We're Famous For Our Financing. Find Out Why!

Flexible Financing & Custom Bail Bond Payment Plans for Less

Looking for bail bondsmen with financing and payment plans? You’re in luck! We are bail bondsmen that take payments, including custom payment plans to fit your needs. 

At Apex Bail Bonds, our business model is based on compassionate service to our local community with affordable bail bond rates AND flexible financing optionsEvery team member involved in our bail bonds service is dedicated to the core values that our company is built on. Those values drive our compassionate and caring services in your time of need.

How our Financing Works:

– Half Down, Half Later Financing on most bonds!
– 5% Down on bonds $5,000 & up. (ex. $375 down on a $7,500 bond)
– 0% Interest, Zero Financing Fees, and No Hidden Costs… ever!
– Customizable payment plans to fit your specific situation
– Special Low Rates on Large Bonds
– Special Low Rates on Attorney Referrals and for Returning Clients
– Special Low Rates for Home Owners and Veterans
– Multiple extended payment plan solutions
– Exceptions are granted on a case-by-case basis!

Apex Bail Bonds Financing and Bail Bond Loans

At Apex Bail Bonds, we aim to please and meet your needs. Our goal is to say “YES” to every call we receive. Many clients will qualify for automatic approval for our custom financing and payment plans. But to make things smoother, here’s what we ask for in most cases:

Bail Financing Qualifications for Co-Signers:

– Proof of Employment and open checking account (or proof of property ownership)
– Must be 25 years of age or older
– 12 months of continuous employment
– Utility bill showing current address

If you can show us proof of employment, chances are we’ve got the most affordable bail bond payment plans for you! Call our affordable bondsmen you can trust to find out more: (336) 394-8890

Other Considerations That Could Affect Financing:

– Does the defendant have a permanent residence? 
– Has he/she been a local resident for at least 24 months?
– Does defendant live within 45 miles of the courthouse where they must appear?
– Does defendant work or own property?
– Does defendant have prior FTA’s, bond surrenders/revocations, or fugitive status?
– Does defendant have legal residency in the United States?
– Has defendant been out of prison for at least 36 mo’s?
– Is Defendant on probation?

We ACCEPT collateral! From credit card authorizations to car titles, ask us about our collateral program and we’ll see how we can best assist your needs. Our goal is to find a financing solution that works for you, so call us today for more info. 

*ALL FINANCING SUBJECT TO APPROVAL. Some bonds may not qualify for financing due to risk, type of charge, distance, bankruptcy/credit history, or other factors.

As your 24 hour bondsman we are always available to take your call!
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No Collateral Bail Bonds Just For You

If you need custom bail bond payment plans that do not require collateral, reach out to our team at Apex Bail Bonds. In many instances our team can work with you if you lack collateral security for your bail application. Not every bail bonds company is as trusting and compassionate as we are. However, we see the good in each of our clients and are committed to helping them regain their freedom. Contact us now to explore your financing options. 

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