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24-Hour Bail Bonds Troy North Carolina: No More Waiting In Jail

Is your loved one in jail? Apex Bail Bonds offers affordable bail bonds in Troy, NC. Our bail bond services focus on prompt release so your loved one is home as soon as possible.  Our bail bondsmen are available 24/7, ensuring round-the-clock assistance for your urgent needs. 

What sets us apart:

  • Our 24-hour availability
  • Fast, affordable bail bonds
  • Dually licensed in North Carolina and Virginia.
  • We post bonds up to $1 Million and two $500,000 bail bonds in a single day
  • National reach

Don’t let time slip away; call 336-609-1190 now for fast bail bond service. Trust us to be your go-to solution in challenging times.

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Your Local Bail Bondsman in NC

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We understand the urgency and complexity of posting high-value bonds. Unlike most bail bonding companies, we specialize in efficiently handling significant six- and seven-figure bonds.

Our experienced team has successfully posted numerous large bonds, setting a remarkable record in the industry. For instance, we’re particularly proud of posting a $250,000 bond in just 2 hours – a feat not easily matched.

Our proficiency isn’t limited to this instance alone; we’ve consistently achieved bond postings between 1.5 and 2 hours, showcasing our commitment to swift and reliable service. Trust Apex Bail Bonds for all your bail bonds in Montgomery County, NC.

About Apex Bail Bonds Services

Day or Night, We Will Be There

Discovering a family member in jail can be a highly stressful event. That’s why provide fast and affordable bail bond services, available 24/7, even on holidays, to ensure your loved one’s prompt release. 

Our commitment to flexibility is evident in our tailored payment plans, designed to suit your financial situation. By choosing Apex Bail Bonds, you’re not just hiring a service; you’re engaging a dedicated team that advocates tirelessly for your loved one’s freedom. 

This is the Apex Promise: We will work diligently on your behalf when you trust us with the task. We require only a percentage of the bond, typically 10%-15%, and treat every case uniquely to fit your needs. 

Don’t let stress overwhelm you; let Apex Bail Bonds be your reliable partner in these challenging times.

We Offer Low Payment Options for Bail Bonds in NC

Facing financial challenges and need to secure a bail bond in North Carolina? Apex Bail Bonds is your solution. We’re renowned for offering flexible payment options with 0% interest. 

Whether you’re paying by credit card, cash, or, in certain cases, using car titles, we adapt to suit your financial situation. We aim to ease your burden, making the bail process manageable even when disposable income is limited. Trust Apex for affordable, tailored solutions in your time of need.

Where do I post bail bonds in Montgomery County?

In Troy, North Carolina, when someone is arrested, they’re first taken to the local sheriff’s office, then to jail, typically located within the same complex. At this point, a magistrate sets their bond. The Montgomery County Jail is located at 206 Glen Rd, Troy, NC 27371,  (910) 576-4261

Our Apex Bail Bonds agents are ready to assist you there, guiding you through every step of the bail process. They are easily recognizable in their collared shirts embroidered with the Apex Bail Bonds logo, embody professionalism. Trust us to be your dependable Troy, NC, bail bondsman, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

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North Carolina’s Bail Bond Agents You Can Trust

At Apex Bail Bonds, we’re more than just a bail bonds company; we’re a trusted partner in your time of need. Our licensed agents, experienced in NC and VA, are dedicated to reducing jail populations and helping people regain their freedom. 

Our team is available 24/7 and works efficiently with local authorities to ensure quick bail processing. We handle all types of bail bonds, from criminal to civil, with professionalism and speed. 

Choose Apex Bail Bonds for reliable, accessible, and affordable services that bring families together and easily navigate even the most complex cases.

Here are the types of bail bonds we offer:


Bail bonds are a financial guarantee to the court, ensuring that defendants appear for their scheduled court dates. When someone is arrested, a bail amount is set, which can be paid in full or through a bail bondsman for a fraction of the total amount, typically around 10-15%. By posting bail directly or through a bail bond service, the defendant can be released from jail while awaiting trial, ensuring their freedom during the legal process.

Apex Bail Bonds delivers the fastest bail bond services in Troy, NC, through our 24/7 availability and readiness to meet clients directly at the jail. Our efficient process includes working closely with you to quickly gather accurate information about the defendant, ensuring a swift and streamlined bail process. Our dedication to promptness and accuracy sets us apart in providing quick bail solutions.

Yes, Apex Bail Bonds offers easy financing for bail bonds in Troy, NC. We provide 0% financing and no extra fees on payment plans, making our services accessible even under financial constraints. Our flexible payment options include credit card payments, cash, and, in certain cases, even car titles, ensuring we have a suitable solution for nearly every financial situation.

Our business hours in Troy, NC, are around the clock. Apex Bail Bonds is available 24/7, ensuring our services are accessible at all times, including holidays. No matter when you need us, we’re here to assist you.

A bail bondsman typically charges a fee that is a percentage of the bond amount, usually ranging between 10% to 15%. However, at Apex Bail Bonds, we evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis to determine the most appropriate fee for our clients. This flexible approach ensures our services are tailored to meet individual needs and circumstances.

After an arrest in North Carolina, the defendant is brought before a magistrate who sets the bond. This bail system is in place to guarantee the defendant’s return to court, with the bail amount and conditions being influenced by the severity of the offense and the defendant’s history. At Apex Bail Bonds, our agents are experts in understanding and working within these regulations, ensuring a swift and efficient release process for our clients.

To bail someone out of jail in North Carolina, you need to pay the bail amount set by the court. This can be done by paying the full amount directly to the court or by using a bail bonds service, where you pay a percentage of the bail amount (typically 10-15%) to the bondsman, who then secures the detainee’s release. The bail bondsman will handle the necessary paperwork and procedures to facilitate the release.

Read what people say about us

02:59 21 Sep 22
Julian was great!! Fast, friendly, courteous and no judgement! The other people I conversed with were the same! And also kind! Would highly recommend to others! And will use them again if necessary ! Considering the purpose of the business...I do hope that never happens!GREAT SERVICE!
Patricia SPatricia S
00:16 21 Jul 22
I live out of state, and someone in my family was arrested. Apex, Fred, assisted and kept me informed throughout the whole process of bailing him out. And despite having to wait 3 hrs for the release to go through, Fred still took the time to bring my family member to a safe and not jail location for taxi pick up. 5 stars all the way!! Thank you Fred!!
Sheila JoynerSheila Joyner
12:46 02 Jul 22
I would like to thank Apex Bail-bonds for the excellent work they did in helping a friend to be able to return home while waiting for trial. His was a difficult bond due to a failure to appear which resulted from Covid-19. Although it seemed impossible for anyone to bond him, Apex came through. We are so thankful for their professionalism , trust, and hard-work in making this possible. Thank you so much Apex!!!!!!!
Lydia HairstonLydia Hairston
11:44 29 Jun 22
Fred was awesome I called around 7pm for help and he came promptly and got the release before 10pm. He was so nice and knowledgeable and he worked with me on payment. I highly recommend Apex to anyone.
Jennifer ParkerJennifer Parker
00:49 20 Jun 22
I don’t usually do reviews but Apex is the best bond service I have ever used. And they are in NC and VA! They have went above and beyond for my family and we are so thankful to Fred and his agents. If you’re looking for a reliable bondsman or someone willing to work with you financially, call Apex Bail Bonds!

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