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Bail Bond Payment Plans in Halifax, VA


Bail Bond Payment Plans in Halifax, VA

At Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax, we are often tasked with the responsibility of bonding someone out of jail so they can return home to their family as quickly as possible. This is especially important when the person in jail is the main breadwinner of the family, or the person who brings in the majority of the family’s income.

Some people have family that can loan them they money for their Halifax bail bond, but many others aren’t that lucky. At Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax, we take a compassionate approach to helping people post bail in their time of need. That’s why Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax, VA offers Halifax Bail Bond Payment Plans.

Halifax Bail Bondsmen That Take Payment Plans

Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax accepts bail bond payment plans on bonds of all sizes for clients from Halifax, South Boston, Clover, Nathalie, Alton and throughout Halifax County.

If your loved one has been arrested in Halifax County they will be transported to the Blue Ridge Regional Jail’s Halifax Adult Detention Center. The Halifax Adult Detention Center is located at 1010 Blue Ridge Ln., Halifax, VA 24558.

When you get that phone call, it’s never a good thing. However, at Apex Bail Bonds we make that phone call much less stressful. On your way to the jail, you’ll pass by the Apex Bail Bonds office. In fact, it’s almost impossible to get to the Halifax Jail without seeing our bail bond office or signs!

That’s because Apex Bail bonds of Halifax is located just a few feet away from the Halifax jail!

A Halifax Bail Bonds Service That Cares

Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax, VA is located at 100 S Main St., Halifax, VA 24558. Additionally, our lot backs up to the jail, so you’ll see the Apex Bail Bonds signs pointing towards the Halifax Jail entrance.

We chose this located for our Halifax bail bonding office out of a concern for our clients

convenience, and to provide the most accessible bail bonds service in Halifax, Virginia.

Stop by our office or call and speak to one of our Halifax bail bondsman right away. When you call us, you’ll only speak to a real bail bondsman on the phone and never a secretary!

Call Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax today and let us assist you in getting your loved one home or simply call and ask a question! Either way, feel free to call Apex Bail Bonds at any hour… because we’re always waiting for your call!

– Fred Shanks, IV

Owner, Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax, VA

Call us at 434-446-1499


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