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GPS & Defendant Monitoring Service

Do you have a loved one who is facing a criminal charge? When the court grants your friend or family member bail, they may issue various restrictions to ensure they return to court. The court may also place them under house arrest or add restrictions such as exclusion zones or curfews.

In these cases, a judge may order that a defendant wears a GPS tracking device as a condition for their release from jail. At Apex Bail Bonds, we offer a personalized GPS monitoring service to help your loved one meet their bail conditions so they can get out of jail. Learn more about this service and how it can benefit your loved one.

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When Can GPS Monitoring Help??

At Apex Bail Bonds, we provide a GPS tracking device that is accurate with no risk of false alerts. This GPS tracker is an ankle monitor that looks like a bracelet and, contrary to popular belief, these devices are not bulky. Their slim design is discreet and comfortable.

This device is waterproof, allowing the wearer to shower, take a bath, or swim. With this device, your loved one can continue with their work and other aspects of their lifestyle as usual while awaiting trial.

Can a GPS Tracker Be Detected?

The GPS monitoring software features Google Maps and Google Info integrations, allowing law enforcement officers to track the wearer’s location in real time and put their movements into context.

Is GPS Tracking a Violation of Privacy?

The right to privacy involves the protection of a person’s information against undue government intrusion and public scrutiny. However, the United States Constitution doesn’t specifically protect a person’s right to privacy.
Various federal and state laws limit certain individual privacy rights when it is in the government’s interest. For example, under the presumption of innocence principle, the law must regard any defendant in a criminal trial as innocent until proven guilty. Still, if the police have probable cause, they can detain a person, which limits their freedom and privacy.

The Benefits of a GPS Monitoring Service

During a bail hearing, a judge must consider the following objectives when granting bail and setting a bail amount:

Minimizing the risk to the community

Protecting the judicial process’s integrity

Ensuring that the defendant returns to court

Mitigating the risk that the defendant will commit an offense while out on bail

The most significant benefit of a GPS monitoring service is the additional security layer it offers for the court. This service mitigates a defendant’s flight risk in the eyes of the court, and a judge is more likely to grant bail, even if a defendant is a high-risk individual.

Incorporating GPS tracking into the bail agreement can result in a lower bail amount, making it easier for defendants to post bail and secure their release from jail. The court can also include and enforce additional restrictions into the bail agreement, such as exclusion zones or home arrest.

Apex Bail Bonds: Why Should You Work With Our Professional Bail Bonds Company?

Working with a licensed bail bonds company is crucial to ensure your loved one gets out of jail as soon as possible. At Apex Bail Bonds, we use court-approved GPS tracking devices, making securing a release from jail on bail easier.

In addition to a GPS monitoring service, we offer affordable bail bond services throughout Virginia and North Carolina. This responsive service ensures that your friend or family member doesn’t need to spend one minute longer than necessary in jail.

We combine our low prices with flexible payment plans. Our professional bail bondsmen have extensive experience in the industry and will help your loved one navigate the bail process to ensure the best possible outcome.

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An arrest and criminal charge can happen to anyone at any time. That’s why, at Apex Bail Bonds, all you need to do is sign – we do the rest.

Our team will pull out all the stops to get your loved one out so they can meet with their legal team and start working on a defense. With our GPS monitoring service, getting out on bail is significantly easier.

Did you receive a phone call from someone close to you with the news that they are in jail? Contact one of our bondsmen now.

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