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What Happens If You Can’t Post Bail?

The concept of bail is to ensure an individual’s return to court and not to punish someone before they are proven guilty. However, for many in Alamance County, the bail system feels like a punishment. Those unable to pay the set bail amount face extended time in jail, often before even seeing a judge or obtaining legal representation.

If you or a loved one can’t post bail in Alamance County, Apex Bail Bonds will help you navigate available alternatives.

Here’s what you need to know.

Option 1: File a Bond Reduction Motion

The only way to challenge this bail amount is by filing a motion for bond reduction. However, this poses a catch-22 for many: those who can’t afford their bail usually can’t afford a private attorney to represent them in this process.

Under state law, individuals charged with felonies can wait up to 96 hours (or 4 days) before their first court appearance, during which they might be appointed counsel. But for those charged with misdemeanors and can’t post bail, the waiting game can be agonizingly longer. These individuals can remain jailed for days, weeks, or even over a month before they’re appointed an attorney or see a judge.

Option 2: Alternatives to Posting Full Bail

Fortunately, there are options available if you can’t pay the full bail amount in Alamance County:

1. Surety Bonds

A prevalent alternative to posting the entire bail amount is obtaining a surety bond through a bail bondsman. At Apex Bail Bonds, we provide surety bonds. 

Here’s how it works: You pay a non-refundable premium, typically 10% to 15% of the total bail amount. In return, the bondsman pledges to the court that they will pay the full bail amount if the defendant fails to appear at court dates.

2. Property Bonds

In some cases, if you have valuable property (like a home), you can use it as collateral to secure a property bond. The court puts a lien on the property, and if the defendant skips their court dates, the court has the right to foreclose on the property to recover the bail amount.

When using property bonds to secure a defendant’s release, the primary concern is often the potential loss of that property if the defendant doesn’t show up in court or violates bond terms. 

If the defendant has a track record of avoiding responsibilities, it’s risky to jeopardize your property. Instead of risking your home, a surety bond offers a safer alternative, providing the benefits of release without the significant financial burdens.

3. Release on Personal Recognizance

In certain cases, especially for minor offenses or first-time offenders with strong community ties, the court might release an individual based on their promise to return for court proceedings. This means no money or property is needed upfront. However, if the person fails to appear in court, they may be penalized.

4. Unsecured Bond

Rather than paying money upfront, the court may allow an unsecured bond where the defendant signs a contract agreeing to pay the court a specific amount if they fail to appear.

Apex Bail Bonds: Offering an Affordable Alternative to Posting Bail

While the system may seem stacked against those who can’t afford bail, options are available. At Apex Bail Bonds, we understand the challenges faced by individuals in Alamance County. We provide various bond services, from surety bonds to property bonds, to help you or your loved ones secure release from jail. 

But beyond these services, here’s why you should choose Apex Bail Bonds:


      • Large Bonds Experts: With our owner holding more licenses than most bondsmen in the region and having experience posting bonds up to $1 Million, you’re in capable hands. Our team has a history of handling large and complex bonds efficiently.

      • Values-Driven Approach: Our Christian values guide us, and every agent at Apex Bail Bonds embodies a level of professionalism that upholds the integrity of the judicial system.

    • Customer-Centric Services: Our core values place the customer first at Apex Bail Bonds. We offer 24-hour service, 0% financing with no hidden fees on payment plans, and dedicated customer support. We stand by you every step of the way.

    Final Thoughts

    The bail system in Alamance County presents real challenges for those who find themselves unable to post the set amount. While the road to challenging bail is fraught with obstacles, understanding your available resources, such as Apex Bail Bonds, can make a difference. If you or a loved one are facing this situation, remember that no one needs to stay in jail while there are options—reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through the bail posting process in Alamance County.

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