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Crime Statistics in Randolph County

Randolph County residents and visitors who are interested in knowing how safe their city is may find a shocking answer to their question. Recently, there has been an increased demand for Greensboro bail bonds, indicating the need to get friends and loved ones out of jail.

In Randolph County, crime occurs every 1 hour 52 minutes on average. This puts residents at a higher risk. According to crime reports, homeowners are 300% more likely to have their homes broken into when they haven’t installed security deterrents like home security systems.

Understanding the crime rate in Randolph County requires you to know the specific criminal acts carried out in the area and which ones are more likely to happen.

Randolph County Crime Statistics

Randolph County is placed in the 58th percentile in terms of crime rate compared to other counties across the United States. This means that 42% of counties across the United States are safer than it is, while Randolph County is safer than 58% of other counties nationwide.

Although the county is graded a B – in terms of safety and security, it offers its residents a decent level of security. Compared to other counties nationwide, Randolph county has an average crime rate of 32.65 per 1,000 residents annually. As a result, residents are more likely to be victims of a criminal attack.

While some areas are more prone to criminal activities, others are generally safer. Residents living in the northeast part of Randolph County are safer than others. In the northeast, there’s a 1 in 43 chance that you may be a crime victim. At the same time, in other areas, especially the south neighborhoods, the odds reduce to 1 in 19 people.

To better understand the area’s criminal activities, here is a breakdown of the common criminal offenses.

Crime Breakdown

The chances of crimes in Forsyth County increases based on the location within the county. However, the county’s overall scorecard shows the crime rate per 1,000 residents in a calendar year.

Violent Crime Rates

  • Assault: 3.140 per 1,000 Randolph County residents
  • Robbery: 0.5016 per 1,000 Randolph County residents
  • Rape: 0.2495 per 1,000 Randolph County residents
  • Murder: 0.0469 per 1,000 Randolph County residents

The total violent crime rate in the area is pegged at 3.938 per 1,000 Randolph County residents, which scores the county a C- grade. This means that the county falls below the average county crime data nationwide.

Property Crime Rates

  • Theft: 13.84 per 1,000 Randolph County residents
  • Vehicle theft: 0.7177 per 1,000 Randolph County residents
  • Burglary: 6.560 per 1,000 Randolph County residents
  • Arson: 0.0386 per 1,000 Randolph County residents

Randolph County scores an average C grade in terms of the total property crimes reported in the area. The total property crimes reported, 21.16, is higher than most of the average counties across the nation.

Other Crime Rates

  • Kidnapping: 0.0480 per 1,000 Randolph County residents
  • Drug crimes: 1.532 per 1,000 Randolph County residents
  • Vandalism: 5.185 per 1,000 Randolph County residents
  • Identity theft: 0.7685 per 1,000 Randolph County residents
  • Animal Cruelty: 0.0206 per 1,000 Randolph County residents

In terms of other criminal offenses, Randolph county scores an A- grade, which puts it above most other counties nationwide.

What Randolph County Crime Statistics Mean

It is important to note that the crime rate in an area may appear inflated or skewed based on local happenings like parties, festivals, concerts, and other events. This is because there is an influx of people who may not necessarily be residents of the area. In addition, tourists may also be arrested while in the county, which influences the crime data in the local area.

Besides the inflation from visitors, it should be noted that areas around commercial establishments like banks, local businesses, and retail outlets are more likely to be affected by the local crime rates. These areas are often targeted for criminal activities like break-ins, thefts, robberies, etc.

One should also note that areas with major amenities like airports may also attract higher crime rates. Parks and recreational facilities can also be hotspots for criminal activities. Randolph county has about 16 parks and recreational areas serving about 142,560 residents. The chances of a few robberies and criminal attacks exist, which can also influence the crime statistics in the area.

What Next?

Having a loved one arrested and thrown in jail can be unsettling. However, getting them out of jail quickly will require paying the full amount demanded by the court as part of their bail condition or seeking help from a Greensboro bail bondsman. Bail bonds are a cheaper alternative to paying the full amount demanded by the court.

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