Danville Bail Agency joins Virginia Bail Association

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Danville Bail Agent joins VABA
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At Apex Bail Bonds we're proud to announce that we've joined the Virginia Bail Association as a full member.

The Virginia Bail Association is a group of fellow Virginia bail bondsmen that are dedicated to providing resources and advocacy for bail bondsmen in the state.

We support the VABA's mission to join the active discussion about the Virginia bail reform initiatives and shine a light on the important and productive role that bail bondsman have in the pretrial release process in Virginia.

We encourage you to check out the VABA's website as well as their Virginia Bail Agents Directory, where you can now see the Apex Bail Bonds listing!

Last but not least we encourage you to like our Facebook and Instagram pages and remember to check out our reviews on Google! We love getting feedback from our clients and are proud of our 5-star record!

If you'd like more information about the Virginia Bail Association or the discussion on Virginia bail reform please visit www.vabailassociation.org.


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