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Most Wanted in Virginia

Most Wanted – Virginia

Partner with us to create safer communities. With your tips and advice, we can apprehend these individuals and bring them in for justice to be served. Look into the VA wanted list to see if you notice any of the individuals listed. 

All tips are 100% anonymous. Tips that lead to surrender automatically qualify for cash rewards upon surrender. Cash rewards may be collected in cash, Visa Gift Card, or CashApp, for 100% anonymity.

To submit an anonymous tip, email us at ba**@ap**********.com


Take a look at our Virginia most wanted list to see if you recognize any of the individuals listed. Any tip is helpful in apprehending these individuals. They are the most wanted in Virginia, and their crimes are listed in their photographs. Keep an eye out and be aware of your surroundings in the area. 

Please do not approach, interact with, or attempt to apprehend on your own. Apex Bail Bonds LLC is not implying, explicitly or implicitly, that these individuals are guilty of any criminal act or offense. Subjects may or may not be dangerous. If you see someone on this page, immediately call 911, then Apex Bail Bonds at (434)548-APEX or (434)548-2739.

Every effort has been made to contact the accused multiple times prior to publishing. Any information shared with our division is kept confidential.

If you wish to turn yourself in, please reach out and we will assist you with a Warrant Walkthrough and re-bond you again if necessary. Please do not wait until it is too late for us to do so. Contact immediately to set up arrangements and you will be removed from this page. 

This page is updated on a regular basis, however we are not responsible for changes in fugitive status that occur without written notification to Apex Bail Bonds LLC. All reasonable efforts will be made to update changes to this page within 72-hours of receipt of written notification by any bond principal(s) by Apex Bail Bonds LLC.

If you are listed on this page and believe you should be removed, contact your bondsman in writing, pursuant to your Bail Bond Agreement, to provide notification of any changes to the status of your bond. Failure to provide prompt written notification to Apex Bail Bonds and/or your bondsman of changes to your application, case/bond status, and/or comply with the terms of your Bail Bond Agreement is a violation of said Bail Bond Agreement. Defendant and his/her Indemnitor(s) assume sole responsibility, jointly and severally, for all costs incurred resulting from legal action as a result of any breach in the Bail Bond Agreement. No statement on this website or on any other forum shall be construed to amend, replace, or in any way affect the interpretation of the Bail Bond Agreement.

Some criminal defendants on this page have been listed on behalf of, and at the request of, individual bail agents. Apex Bail Bonds LLC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information on this page, including the submissions of individual bail agents. To be removed from this page contact your bail bondsman immediately, and contact the webmaster at ba**@ap**********.com

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