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How Do You Bail Someone Out of Jail in Wentworth, NC?

What’s the Average Bail Amount for a Misdemeanor in Wentworth, NC

The first thing you need to do is contact a knowledgeable bail bonds company that is affordable and polite. How they treat you on the phone matters. Bondsmen are humans and can’t work 24/7/365, but good bail bond companies have someone available most of the time.  At Apex Bail Bonds, we have agents available around the clock who are experienced in all types of bonds. Navigating the bail process can be daunting, especially when a loved one is in jail. While the rules might seem complex, with the right guidance, it becomes a less intimidating journey. For those in Rockingham County, particularly Wentworth, NC, having Apex Bail Bonds by your side can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ll break down the steps and answer the burning question – “how do you post bail in Rockingham County, NC?”  This includes Eden bail, Reidsville bail bonds, Madison bail bonds, and the entire county.

Let’s get to it!

The Bail Process in Wentworth, NC, and Rockingham County

Truly, the first thing you should do is determine several pieces of information that the bondsman will need to locate your loved one. It is best to know:

  1. The Defendant’s name and Date of Birth
  2. The bond amount
  3. The address to the Apex Bail Bonds office (8389 NC-87, Reidsville, NC 27320, United States) which is just across the street from the Rockingham County Detention Center on Judicial Center Dr.  (a) It’s always good to exchange names and call-back numbers as well as vehicles you will be driving if you decide to meet at the jail instead. Always bring your best call-back number with you so our bondsman can call the jail and confirm the release order is ready — if not, we will make sure it is ready for you, as part of the red carpet treatment so many attorneys love about Apex Bail Bonds and why they refer their clients to our Reidsville and Wentworth bondsmen.
  4. The specific jail they are detained in. The primary detention center in Rockingham County is the Rockingham County Detention Center, located near the intersection of NC 65 and NC 87 in Wentworth. 
  5. The charges pressed against them. Knowing the circumstances surrounding the arrest or the charges makes the process so much faster. If this is your first time dealing with this type of situation, we can locate ALL of this information for you.

Definitely know if they have been in jail for 3 months or 3 hours! It doesn’t have to be exact, but we want to speed up the process for you and can collect the specifics later. As always, if you don’t know, we are always polite and don’t mind answering questions and will find out for you. Some say we are much easier to work with than other Rockingham County, NC, bail bonds agencies that way. We actually want to say yes to every bond.  Apex Bail Bonds has agents licensed in two states (like owner Fred Shanks, IV) or our local bail bondsmen in Eden, Madison, or on the NC/VA state line in Ridgeway, VA, who are trained to say yes!

The Bail Process

We just went through the entire Rockingham County Bail Bonds Process broken down.

Here’s a simple process for bailing someone out of jail, even when you have no money

Step 1. Calm down as best you can, but we understand

Step 2. Let Apex meet your local bail needs fast and simple.

Step 3. Make sure you really want to be responsible for the defendant until his court case is resolved as a Co-signer.

Once you hire us, we go to bat on your behalf to secure your loved one’s release – part of the Apex Promise.

We just need you to complete your side of the deal as well.

That includes paying a percentage of the bond (usually 10%-15% from most bondsmen), but we treat every situation on a case-by-case basis.

So what’s your side of the bargain then?

  1. Know as much info as possible about the defendant and actually know the defendant.
  2. On a bond, you can post the bond amount in cash, post it with property, or hire a bail bondsman and pay just a small percentage of the bond amount.

For example, on a $5,000 bond, you can either post $5,000 cash, post $5,000 property or hire an affordable bail bondsman like Apex Bail Bonds in Wentworth.

Our affordable bondsmen would only charge 10% -15% at the MOST! (you heard that right! You will never pay more than that for a bail bond with an Apex affordable bondsman conveniently located at the Apex Bail Bonds office across the street from the Rockingham County Adult Detention Center in Wentworth, NC).

How Much Does It Cost To Bail Someone out of Jail?

The cost of bailing someone out is contingent on the bond’s face amount. Typically, in North Carolina, bondsmen charge between 10% and 15% of this total. For a clearer picture, if the bond is set at $1,000, the charge might range from $100 to $150. But, with unexpected costs, financing options become crucial. Apex Bail Bonds stands out with flexible financing plans tailored to suit varying needs.

Working With a Rockingham County Bail Bondsman

Identifying the ideal bail bondsman in Wentworth, NC, is pivotal for a speedy release. At Apex Bail Bonds, we offer not only affordable solutions but also compassionate and expert advice from veteran bondsmen available 24/7. 

Our unique edge? 

We’re licensed in both North Carolina and Virginia, ensuring expansive coverage and expertise. Our owner holds more licenses than any known bondsman in the region, and we cover a larger region with 7 locations across the Piedmont Triad but have posted bonds in 8 or 9 different states through transfer bonds. 

If your loved one is from Rockingham County but got arrested out of state or on a fugitive/extradition warrant, that is our specialty:

Why Should You Choose Apex Bail Bonds As Your Bondsman?

If you don’t have disposable income to get your loved one out of jail, you can benefit from a bail bondsman that offers payment plans in Wentworth. That’s where Apex Bail Bonds gets their name. Here’s why you will appreciate working with Apex Bail Bonds.

24-Hour Service

Emergencies don’t keep business hours, and neither do we. Our bondsmen are available round the clock, ensuring support whenever you need it.

0% Financing and No Extra Fees on Payment Plans

Facing financial constraints? We offer tailored financing options that can accommodate most budgets.

Whether it’s credit card payments, cash, or even car titles in specific situations, we have a solution for almost every situation.

LARGE BOND experts

We’ve posted record-breaking $1 million bonds, multiple six-figure bonds in one day. And countless six & seven-figure bonds.

Most bondsmen don’t have the staff or processes in place to get these bonds posted. Much less get them posted quickly. Apex Bail Bonds recently posted a $250,000 bond in 2 hours. Total! Which is a record we’re proud of at any time.

We’ve done others that were completed between 1 and a half hours and 2 hours as well.

*Real estate ownership is often the key to speed a bond gets that large. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do it.

Dedicated Customer Support

We believe in forging lasting relationships. If you’ve been disappointed by other bondsmen before, give us a chance to earn your trust. Our commitment extends beyond business – we genuinely want to help and even have letters on our wall thanking our bondsmen.

Final Thoughts 

Dial 336-394-8890 into your phone right now and call and hang up, then save it as Apex Bail Bonds. 


Call or text our team now! Even if it’s just to let us know you may need our services soon and have some questions!

So, when you find yourself pondering, “What do I do next?” remember that having the right support system in place can make all the difference, and that should include your bonding agency like Apex. 

Apex Bail Bonds stands as that dependable Rockingham County bondsman, bond agency, and customer-friendly company committed to ensuring quick-release bonds, affordable rates, and unmatched service.

Reach out to your local and seasoned Apex Bail Bonds agent today or complete a co-signer application on your own here.

CALL 336-394-8890 


The Rockingham County Detention Center is the only jail in the county and where all bail bonds are posted. It also houses the magistrate’s office. It’s located on Judicial Center Dr., Reidsville, NC 27320, near the intersection of NC 65 and NC 87.

We accept credit cards, cash, and occasionally car titles. Additionally, tailored payment plans can be arranged.

We have our own business cashapp $apexbailbonds.

Just make sure you type it out completely in full or go to our payment page for the QR code!

It will say, Fred Shanks, IV – Apex Bail Bonds and show our iconic Doberman logo!

Always put the defendant’s name in the memo.

***Before paying by credit card via the website, contact us so we know who to attach your payment to! Or save a card on file and don’t worry about it again. Just get invoiced at the same time every month. It’s up to you, fully optional, but we like that it’s more secure.


Many people perpetrating bondsman frequent the jails and will claim they work for whoever you say you’re looking for. 

That’s why you should never say the name first, and why we love that our office is across the street from the jail as a safe place to introduce.

Just pull into the gravel U-shaped driveway.

The other option is to pay a deposit ahead of time so the bondsman knows you aren’t going to leave him hanging, and he can go ahead and process the release.

In North Carolina, they usually charge between 10% and 15% of the bond’s face amount.

Yes, at Apex Bail Bonds, we help gather any missing information to facilitate the bail process.

Apex Bail Bonds offers round-the-clock service, competitive rates, expertise spanning two states, and a deep commitment to clients’ well-being.

We like to say yes. That’s why we get so many referrals.

Owner Fred Shanks has experience posting bonds up to $1 Million Dollars, and two $500,000 bail bonds in Wentworth on the same day.

We’ve posted more six & seven figured bonds than we can count, believe in Christian values, and all of our agents represent the judicial system with professionalism that is proper for the position in our opinion. 

At Apex Bail Bonds we have core values and always put the customer first.

Call us today or stop by Apex Bail Bonds of Wentworth at 8389 NC-87, Reidsville, NC 27320


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