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Safest Neighborhoods In Davidson, NC

Whether you’re visiting or planning to relocate to Davidson, NC, the crime rate in the area is an important factor to consider. Many individuals and families are more interested in peaceful areas with less likelihood of crimes. Yet, despite the generally welcoming ambiance, one has to understand that nowhere is safe. This is one reason why the demand for Greensboro bail bonds is increasing in these areas. Before diving into the safest neighborhoods, first, we answer your question about safety.

Is Davidson, NC, Safe?

Davidson, NC, is an averagely safe place to live in. It scores a C+ grade on the crime scale, which puts it slightly above the average US city in terms of crime rate. Belonging to the 51st percentile, you should understand that Davidson isn’t exceptionally a criminal city. However, the chances of crime exist.

The Davidson crime index reveals about 26.20 crimes committed per 1,000 residents during a calendar year. In terms of safe neighborhoods, the people living in the Southeast areas enjoy the most safety.

Living in the north neighborhoods of Davidson, NC, there’s a chance that you may be 1 in 12 people likely to be a crime victim. However, the crime rate in the southeast reduces to 1 in 96 people.

Safest Davidson, NC Neighborhoods


Anniston is one of the best places to live in Davidson for many reasons, including the back roads connecting it to other parts of the city. In addition, the neighborhood has expansive homes with architectural masterpieces that will interest you and leave you wowed. More than this, you can expect the beauty of large homes sprawling over acres.

Residents can access various amenities, including playgrounds for children, trails to hike and walk, etc. There’s also an abundance of trees, which makes the air fresh and the neighborhoods inviting. Anniston is only about five minutes walk away from downtown Davidson, ensuring its residents can easily access what they need in the bustling area.

Anniston is much like a private community within Davidson. You’re sure to find several great locations for the perfect pictures.

Bailey Springs

Are you looking for a small town within a large city without the noise, hustle, and bustle of busy city streets? Bailey Springs may be the place to be. It is quite famous for its quietness and security. Homes in this area are mostly southern styled with open floor plans, expansive porches, and more.

The homes here are a testament to the type of lifestyle encouraged. From the rocking chairs on the front porch, you can deduce that this is a perfect spot for people looking to escape the city’s noises.

Bailey Springs is generally safe, and most homes have swimming pools with cabanas. The neighborhood also encourages physical activities like walking and biking through the trails, nightlife at the clubhouses, and more.

The Farm at River Point

This safe and welcoming neighborhood is perfect for people looking to retire into the country lifestyle. One of the biggest advantages of living here is the peace and quiet offered and its proximity to civilization offered by the city.

Located only a short drive from I-77, you will surely love this neighborhood as an individual or family looking to benefit from peace and quiet after a long day in the city. The homes in the area are quite traditional. Still, they offer a modern twist, making them perfect for families and professionals who don’t mind community to and from the surrounding towns.

The farm in the area provides amenities to the community. Other amenities include dog parks, clubhouse, tennis court, community garden, and more to explore.

River Run

River Run offers access to many amenities and is a perfect location for young professionals and families. Homes in this area are custom-built and offer an array of beautiful designs with modern touches. There’s also an award-winning private golf course to explore for golf lovers. The golf course spans over 7,100 yards of space and challenges the best golfers to take advantage of it.
Residents can access amenities like fully equipped fitness centers, swimming pools, tennis courts, greenways, walking trails, etc. The trails are also perfect for running and biking, depending on individual preferences.


Runneymede is one of the favorite neighborhoods in Davidson County. Many residents love this area because of its unique closeness to nature. Entering the area, you’ll be greeted by grazing horses and a bed of green pasture.

It is a perfect place for people looking to move into a rural area free from noise and rush. There are several hiking trails to explore, and it is a generally safe community to live in.

Although these neighborhoods are generally safe, people still search for bail bonds near me to get their loved ones out from behind bars. Apex Bail Bonds can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help posting bail.

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