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One of the top questions people ask me as a bail bondsman, is whether we are a bail bonding company that takes payments. On top of that, our research shows that more people use Google to search for “bail bondsman that take payments” than those who search for “bail bondsman open now” or “24 hour bail bondsmen”!

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. The cost of bail can be high in certain instances, and it is almost always an expense that you weren’t planning on. When an expense like a bail bond comes as a surprise, many people may not have the money set aside to post their bail immediately. Sometimes people are arrested just a day or two after they paid their monthly bills, and even though they have a good job, they won’t be able to come up with the full cost of the bail bond right away.

At Apex Bail Bonds, we ARE a bail bonding company that takes payments. We believe by offering financing options for our bail service that we are serving our community the right way because we can impact people’s lives and bring families together sooner.


To speak to a local bail bondsman that takes payments near you, call Apex Bail Bonds at (434) 548-2739 any time, day or night!

There are some drawbacks to financing your bail bond premium. First, if you are unable to make your payments, the bond can and often will be revoked. If the bond is revoked, you or your family will not be refunded the amount of money that was paid to the bondsman already and in order to get out of jail once again, you will have to make those same bail bond payments all over again to a new bondsman (that may or may not take payments!).

Due to this, we take financing your bail bond with a payment plan as a serious decision. We will speak with you to make sure you can afford to make the remaining bail payments, as we don’t want to put you in a difficult position later. Sometimes, it is better to err on the side of caution than to risk getting your bond revoked due to non-payment.

Sometimes, if the bond is large enough, we may require a car title to be put up as collateral. We do this as a safety measure for ourselves and for YOU. When there is collateral involved, it is possible to miss a payment and remain out on bond, because the bondsman knows that he can collect the unpaid premium through other means as a last resort. It allows the bail agent to be more lenient if an emergency comes up that prevents you from making your bond payments.

At Apex Bail Bonds, we also offer plenty of other financing options. We accept credit cards, car titles, deeds of trust, and other forms of collateral.

Our qualification process is simple for our bail bond payment plans:

  1. The co-signer of the bond needs to have proof of employment (paper or electronic is fine) and a drivers license or other form of identification.
  2. Additionally, the co-signer and the defendant will be asked to sign a promissory note that outlines the specific payment due dates.
  3. When your due date arrives, you may either pay over the phone, or stop by the Danville bail bonds office at 509 Loyal St. In certain cases we will accept Western Union or other forms of money transfer, if those options aren’t possible.

So if you’re looking for a bail bondsman that takes payments, you’ve found your A-1 bail bonds solution in Apex Bail Bonds!

Let’s get started discussing our financing options for your bail bond or simply call us and let us answer any other questions you may have! Our professional and courteous staff is available around the clock to help you through the process.

All you have to do is call!



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