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Safest Neighborhoods in Asheboro, NC

Asheboro, NC, is a medium-sized city in North Carolina with a population of 27,156 people. It is the 39th largest community in North Carolina and has 13 neighborhoods within its marking. As a predominantly blue-collar city, about 39.23% of residents work blue-collar jobs, while its demographic shows about 27.7 of residents as Americans.

Asheboro Citizens take education seriously like any other American town. Many residents have bachelor’s degrees and advanced degrees, while about 18% of residents 25 and older have college degrees.

Despite the seemingly high education rate among its residents and citizens, Asheboro, NC, does not have a good rating in terms of safety and security. The area is rated a D+ due to the increasing rate of crimes in it.

The increasing crime rate is also evident in the increased number of online searches for greensboro bail bonds. These searches are often made by friends and family members whose loved ones have been arrested for civil or criminal offenses. With Bail bonds, friends and families are able to secure their loved one’s release from jail quicker and at a fraction of the cost set by the courts.

The northwest part of Asheboro, NC, is generally regarded as safer, with a 1 in 36 person chance of each resident being a crime victim. The least safe area, especially in the central neighborhoods, has a 1 in 4 resident ratio of being a crime victim.

If you’re planning on visiting or relocating to Asheboro, NC, below are some of the safest neighborhoods to focus on.

Asheboro, NC Safest Neighborhoods

Asheboro West

Asheboro West is one of the safest neighborhoods in Asheboro, NC. Although the area is 58% more expensive than other neighborhoods in North Carolina, it makes up for its cost with increased security. Residents in the area face an average rental price of about $1,389, which places the rents on the lower end compared to other North Carolina neighborhoods.

Living in Asheboro West has additional perks, especially those associated with a suburban neighborhood. Residents can easily find their way around with great transport networks to other neighborhoods. There’s also an abundance of amenities like parks, schools, commercial centers, etc.

Diversity lovers will also enjoy the unique offering in the area. Most residents in Asheboro West have Scot-Irish ancestry.

Cedar Grove

If you want an area where you wont need to call a bail bondsman every now and then for Greensboro bail bonds, Cedar Grove is one to consider. Homes in Cedar Grove don’t come cheap, especially as the average home is priced at $241,621. The homes in this neighborhood are 52.5% more expensive than what is obtainable across North Carolina. On the national scale, they fall within 40.8% of home prices across the United States.

Moving into this area will cost you about $1,557 in rent per month, which is a little to pay for your safety and security, especially as Cedar Grove is considered one of the best places to live in Asheboro, NC. The rental cost is, however, 65% higher than what is obtainable in other neighborhoods around North Carolina.

What you’ve paid in home prices or rent can be made up for with the suburban offering presented by the neighborhood. There are plenty of small businesses like cafes, coffee shops, grocery and convenience stores, etc. You can also explore an array of amenities like fitness centers and other important establishments. With a great road network and transport system, it’s easier to navigate around and visit neighboring areas.


Another safe neighborhood to consider is Richfield. Richfield offers residents a chance to enjoy the quiet and peace that comes with a rural area. If you’re tired of the noise and hassles of the commercial centers, Michfield may be a great place to relocate to. The rent prices are influenced by the areas surrounding it and have jumped over the years. Currently, the average rent price is pegged at $1,218, and median home prices are pegged at $4223,257. Homes in Richfield are below the North Carolina home prices and are 37.2% lower than the average home prices in US neighborhoods.

As a small rural area, the crime rate is significantly lower. Residents can live here and work in other parts leveraging the transportation system and good road network. Living in Richfield also offers access to some amenities that are essential for life. Explore the parks and small businesses in the area for more.

What Next?

All areas within Asheboro, NC, are similar to all areas in the United States in that they are not totally crime free. However, some areas have a lower crime rate compared to others. If a friend or loved one has been arrested for a civil or criminal offense, getting them out of jail may require securing bail bonds at cheaper rates. Apex Bail Bonds offers these at the lowest rates allowed by the state.

  • Downtown,
  • Southside,
  • Lake Jeanette,
  • Hamilton Lakes,
  • Starmount Forest,
  • Oak Ridge
  • Meadows,
  • New Irving Park,
  • Dunleath,
  • Warnersville,
  • Hamilton Forest,
  • Sedgefield Lakes,
  • Guildord Hills,
  • Fisher Park,
  • Historic District,
  • Country Park
  • Acres,
  • Brandt Trace
  • Farms,
  • Rankin,
  • East Market
  • Street B,
  • Spring Valley,
  • Woodland HIlls,
  • Holden Farms,
  • Kings Forest,
  • College Hill,
  • Random Woods,
  • Northern Shores,
  • Greenhaven.
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