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At Apex Bail Bonds in Danville, we are committed to providing a fast and efficient bail bonds service to all of our Danville clients. However, most importantly, we strive to offer the most affordable bail bonds possible!

How do we accomplish our goal? At Apex Bail Bonds we offer the LOWEST RATES allowed by Virginia law!!!

Our bail bonds are offered at a simple 10% rate, which means we only charge 10% of the total bond amount. For example, let’s say you are pulled over near the Walmart at 515 Mount Cross Road, Danville, VA 24540 for suspicion of DUI. After performing field sobriety tests, the Danville police officer arrests you for DUI or DWI and you are transported to the Danville City Jail at 212 Lynn Street, Danville, Virginia, 24541.

When you arrive at the jail you will be taken in front of a magistrate (assuming you’re sober enough!) and a Danville magistrate will set the bond. In this example, the DUI bond is set at $1,500. The magistrate’s office is located at 401 Patton St., Danville, Virginia, 24541.

You will then have two options:

– Post the full bond amount of $1,500

– Call Apex Bail Bonds in Danville and arrange to have a bondsman post the DUI bond for you.

If you call Apex, you will only have to come up with ten percent of the bond amount, which is $150.00 in this example. Our friendly and professional staff will make arrangements with a friend or family member you have on the outside, and will meet them at our conveniently located office which is right across the street from the Danville Jail!

The jail address is technically Lynn St. in Danville, however the parking lot for the jail is located off of Loyal Street. The Apex Bail Bonds office is located directly across from the jail parking lot at 509 Loyal St., Danville, Virginia, 24541.

Now the best option is to never drive while drinking or even after you’ve had a few drinks! We don’t condone drinking and driving at all and we hope you don’t make it a habit. However, if you’ve come to this page, you are researching bail bonds services for a reason!

The next question you may have is what you can do if you can’t come up with the ten percent payment for the bondsman.

At Apex Bail Bonds, we take pride in putting families back together, and that’s more important to us than money. This is a company, and we must earn revenue, but we also have a compassionate and comparing staff that is prepared to help you through this difficult time.

If you’ve been arrested, you may not always have access to all of your assets. Also, your family on the outside may not be able to access your bank account or other cash.

In that case, it will be critical that you hire a bail bonds agency that takes payments. Apex Bail Bonds provides bondsmen that take payments and can work up a payment plan for you.

We pride ourselves as having the most flexible financing options in the city of Danville, Virginia. We accept credit cards, including government issued cards, and can even accept car titles to finance your bail bond.

To speak with an affordable bail bonds agent about financing your loved one’s bail amount, call Apex Bail Bonds any time, day or night, at 434-548-2739.

It’s our pleasure to earn your business, and we will always treat you with respect. Anything you tell our bail staff will remain 100% confidential, so you can trust us with your sensitive matters and be assured they will remain private.

If you have any questions at all, please call now and speak to one of our local Danville bondsmen near you!

Thank you for your business,

Alamance Country Bail Bondsman

Fred Shanks


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