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Apex Bail Bonds, LLC is now the FIRST and ONLY bail bonds service licensed to post bail in both North Carolina and Virginia, the company is pleased to announce.

In addition to being the first and only bail bonds service licensed to post bail in both Virginia and North Carolina, Apex Bail Bonds is now serving ALL 50 states and U.S. territories.

Apex Bail Bonds has 3 branch offices, and is headquartered in Danville’s River District. Apex Bail Bonds’ Halifax branch is located at 100 S Main St, Halifax, Virginia in the heart of Downtown Halifax. In North Carolina, Apex Bail Bonds is proud to announce the opening of Apex Bail Bonds of Wentworth, NC, it’s Rockingham County branch.

For those in need of a bail bondsman in Eden, Reidsville, Wentworth, and throughout Rockingham County, we hope Apex Bail Bonds will become the bail bond service that everyone looks to for assistance. Apex Bail Bonds will continue to serve Danville, Chatham, and Halifax with the same professionalism and affordable rates as before.

Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax, VA

When times are difficult, and you’re in need of a bail bondsman the last thing you want to do is find out whether they are licensed in the right state for your situation. At Apex Bail Bonds, we solved this problem for all potential clients in our region by becoming the first and only bail bonds serviced licensed to post bail at any jail in Virgina and now any jail in North Carolina.

Fred Shanks, IV, bail bondsman and owner of Apex Bail Bonds, LLC completed the extensive licensing process for the state of North Carolina and is now accepting clients in need of a North Carolina bail bondsman.

“This has always been our goal, ever since we opened for business in Virginia in the summer of 2018,” Shanks said. “We think it’s not only critical for the growth of our business, but also extremely beneficial for the residents of our region that they can rely on one service to assist them in posting bail in their time of need.”

At Apex Bail Bonds, we understand that many people in our area commute to work, visit family and friends, or go out to eat and shop on both sides of the Virginia and North Carolina border.

“It’s very common for us to see cases where individuals were picked up or accused of a crime in Danville but live in Caswell County. It’s also common for us to see the inverse, where Danville residents have to resolve a criminal warrant issued out of Caswell or Rockingham County,” Shanks said.

“With so many of our region’s residents ether owning or being employed by businesses that operate in both Virginia or North Carolina, we often see people who have been accused of a crime in the other state, and in some cases it is merely the result of a business dispute or family matter,” Shanks added.

At Apex Bail Bonds, we want people to find a familiar, and comfortable face who they can trust to help them get their loved one home, regardless of where the incident stems from. Apex Bail Bonds believes that local bail bondsmen play a vital role to the community.

Bail bondsman assist in lowering inmate populations, reducing risk for the judicial system, and freeing up law enforcement to focus on community safety other tasks that are essential to keeping our crime rates low.

Apex Bail Bonds is proud to serve the Rockingham County and Caswell County area in addition to Virginia. Apex Bail Bonds hopes to serve the citizens of Eden, Stoneville, Madison, Mayodan, Ruffin, Reidsville, and Wentworth, with the same low prices, fast service, and professional touch that have assisted so many clients already.

To speak to a Wentworth or Reidsville bail bondsman call (336)394-8890!

– Apex Bail Bonds, LLC

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