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Crime Statistics in Rowan County

Rowan County residents are quite familiar with their community’s crime rate and statistics. However, a major indicator of the rise in criminal activities is the increased search for bail bonds in Rowan County. The increase in searches for bail bonds in the area hints at the growing demand for families and friends to get their loved ones out of jail for civil and criminal offenses.

However, the rise in demand for Greensboro bail bonds may not be a true reflection of the security and crime rate in the area. Below, we explore the crime rate in Rowan County concerning the area’s criminal activities and how it measures up to other counties across the United States.

Rowan County Crime Statistics

Rowan County is considered a generally peaceful area but with criminal activities on the same level as an average American county. On the scorecard, the crime rate is graded a C- which means the county experiences slightly more criminal activities and arrests than other American counties. Placed in the 31st percentile, residents are generally safer in Rowan County compared to 31% of other US counties. This also means that about 69% of counties in the United States are safer than Rowan County.

In terms of violent crimes in the area, Rowan County records as high as 4.28 violent crimes per 1,000 residents in a year. So as a Rowan County resident, there’s a slightly higher chance of being a victim of a violent offense and a higher chance that you may need bail bonds near me to get a loved one out of jail.

Despite the crime statistics, some areas in Rowan County are considered generally safer than others. For example, residents of the northwest part are considered safer compared to those in the central neighborhood. For the central neighborhood, 1 in 143 people is likely to be a victim of a violent crime, while 1 in 423 people living in the northwest part of the county is likely to be a violent crime victim.

Crime Statistics

Breaking down the criminal activities in Rowan County gives you an idea of what types of criminal activities go on in the area.

Violent Crimes

  • Assault: 268.1 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average)
  • Murder: 0 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average)
  • Rape: 23 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average)
  • Robbery: 63.1 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average)

Regarding property crimes, Rowan County falls below the average, scoring a C- and descending into one of the most dangerous counties in the United States.

Property Crimes

  • Burglary: 678 per 100,000 residents (higher than the national average)
  • Theft: 2,349.9 per 100,000 residents (higher than the national average)
  • Motor Vehicle Theft: 205 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average)

Based on the property crime aggregate in Rowan County, the county falls among the average property crime rate reported across counties in the US.

Other Crimes in Rowan County

  • Kidnapping: 5.90 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average)
  • Drug crimes: 150.60 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average)
  • Vandalism: 536.80 per 1000,000 residents (lower than the national average)
  • Identity theft: 76.98 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average)
  • Animal cruelty: 2.79 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average)

Based on the crime rate of other criminal activities recorded in Rowan County, the county scores an A- which places it high among other counties in America.

What Rowan County Crime Statistics Reveal

The crime statistics in Rowan County reveal that the county is a hotbed for violent crimes. As a result, residents in the county, especially those close to the commercial centers and retail outlets, are more likely to be attacked or caught in-between attacks unleashed on these commercial businesses.

It is important to note that criminal activities are often recorded in high numbers, especially in commercial areas with airports, parks, retail outlets, etc.

Rowan County also has 26 parks and recreational centers wherein criminal activities have been recorded, even in safe parks.

What Happens Next?

Law enforcement officers often arrest criminal perpetrators after thorough investigations. Rowan County has a high record of reported incidents which increases the number of arrests made by the Rowan County police. If a loved one has been arrested, chances are high that they’ll be jailed and made to appear before a court where their bail application is heard.

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