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July 4th Safety Tips: Fireworks, Grilling, Alcohol – Danville / Pittsylvania County


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The Fourth of July is usually accompanied by a pretty awesome celebration and array of parties or events in most places throughout the country. Danville, Pittsylvania County, Halifax County, and Henry County are no different. It’s our nation’s birthday, and birthdays deserve to have parties! It also takes place in the heart of the summer, making it the perfect time for many people to take off from work, get outside, fire up the grill, load up the cooler and have a blast with friends and family.

July 4th should be a carefree weekend for everyone to enjoy. But because it’s such a busy weekend, and so many people are out celebrating, it’s wise to keep in mind certain safety tips to make sure your celebration doesn’t sour!

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some fireworks (make sure they’re legal in your area first) or adult beverages (if you’re an adult!), and having a good time. All that fun will be ruined however, if someone gets hurt or arrested!

Here are our Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Tips from Apex Bail Bonds:

  1. Make sure which fireworks are legal in your area if you plan on setting off your own. In Danville, you can enjoy the fireworks show put on by the city at the Carrington Pavillion. Make sure to get downtown early if you want to find a good parking spot! For more information about the Danville Fireworks Show click here.
  2. Designate one person as a “lighter.” Alcohol and fireworks don’t mix! So just like you should have a designated driver this weekend, if you plan on going anywhere after your drink, you should have a designated lighter as well!
  3. Always light fireworks on a stable service, and never in a container or indoors.
  4. Keep a source of water nearby. If there is no spigot or hose, have a pre-filled bucket of water.
  5. Never attempt to re-ignite a “dud.” We’ve all seen fireworks that didn’t go off like they were supposed to. Let it go! Do not attempt to re-ignite a malfunctioning firework.
  6. Drop all used fireworks and duds into your water bucket. This ensures no one gets injured by picking it up later on.
  7. Always light one firework at a time. This one is self-explanatory.
  8. Never point fireworks at people or property. This can result in injury and/or needing to call a Danville bail bondsman!
  9. Keep fireworks away from other flammable materials. Examples include gas grills, dry grass, debris, and even loose fitting clothing (Check out the fireworks fail below!).

And remember, for any damages or injuries that occur from the use of fireworks by childen, the burden falls on the parents.

For all these reasons, we advise observing the Danville fireworks show put on by the City at the Carrington Pavillion rather than setting off your own. Many, if not most, types of fireworks are illegal in Virginia anyway, but if you plan to skirt the law we still want you to know the best practices.

The fireworks show in Danville at the Carrington Pavillion will start sometime around 8pm, but they have many more activities and bands playing before then. Gates open at 6pm and we encourage you to visit the City of Danville website to learn more about the festivities.

In addition to fireworks and family, many people like to have family cookouts during the summer months and the Fourth of July is the perfect opportunity for many families. No cookout is complete without a gas or charcoal grill, so we’ve included some “Independence Day Grilling Tips” also!

Grilling Tips for Your Danville Independence Day Celebration:

  1. Use your grill well away from your home and deck railings, and out from under branches or overhangs.
  2. Open your gas grill and leave the lid open before lighting.
  3. Remove grease or fat buildup in the trays below your grill so it cannot be ignited.
  4. Declare a three-foot “kid and pet-free zone” around the grill to keep them safe.

For more safety tips for Independence Day celebrations, visit the FEMA website at www.fema.gov or download the FEMA app for Facebook, Android, and Blackberry. The FEMA app provides safety tips and reminders for things like testing your smoke alarm, replacing batteries, and practicing fire escape plans with children.

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Apex Bail Bonds wishes everyone a Happy Fourth of July!

Stay safe and have fun!

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