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Crime Statistics in Forsyth County

Forsyth County is located in North Carolina and has a decent population of about 378,499 people. Rated among the top 10 places to live in North Carolina, the county isn’t without its cons. Over the last few years, there have been significant reports of crimes in the area. There has also been a rise in the search for bail bonds near me, suggesting more people are looking to get their friends or loved ones out from behind bars.

Is Forsyth County, NC Safe?

Forsyth County, NC, is rated C+ on the crime scale. This means that the crime rate in the area is similar to any average county in the United states. The county has an average distribution of crimes and reported crimes.
According to available data, Forsyth County has approximately 35.33 crimes per 1,000 residents in a calendar year. Individuals and families living in the west part of the county are considered safest.
1 in 16 persons in Forsyth County has a chance of being a crime victim in the central neighborhoods. The gap widens to 1 in 58 people for those living in the west part of the county.

Crime Breakdown

The chances of crimes in Forsyth County increases based on the location within the county. However, the county’s overall scorecard shows the crime rate per 1,000 residents in a calendar year.

Violent Crime Rates

  • Assault: 2.704 (lower compared to the US national average)
  • Robbery: 0.9612 (lower compared to the US national average)
  • Rape: 0.2567 (lower compared to the US national average)

Murder: 0.0549 (higher compared to the US national average)

Given the statistics above, the total violent crime rate recorded in the county per 1,000 people in a calendar year is 3.977, which places the county on a C- grade compared to other US counties.

Property Crime Rates

  • Theft: 14.18 (higher compared to the US national average)
  • Vehicle Theft: 0.8647 (lower compared to the US national average)
  • Burglary: 7.647 (higher compared to the US national average)
  • Arson: 0.0362 (lower compared to the US national average)

The above property crime rate per 1,000 Forsyth County residents sums up to 22.73, which scores the county yet another C- grade compared to other US counties.

Other Crime Rates

  • Kidnapping: 0.0892
  • Drug Crimes: 1.364 (lower compared to the US national average)
  • Vandalism: 6.359 (lower compared to the US national average)
  • Identity Theft: 0.8004 (lower compared to the US national average)
  • Animal Cruelty: 0.0125 (lower compared to the US national average)

The total of other crimes committed in the county comes to about 8.625 per 1,000 residents, which scores the county a B grade compared to other US counties per calendar year.

What Forsyth County Crime Rate Suggests

The crime rate in Forsyth county shows a pattern that has become known among residents of the area. With more people living in the west being generally safer, it has become important for families and individuals looking for improved safety to migrate to those areas.

However, the target areas where criminal activities occur the most have been narrowed down to areas with an abundance of retail shops where petty thieves and armed robbery occur. People living in those retail areas may be victims of robbery or attacks. Other areas that are more prone to criminal activities include places like schools, parks, and airports.

It is important to note that areas with major airports often have significantly higher crime rates, especially as criminals always look to dispose of unsuspecting travelers and tourists of their valuable possessions. However, Forsyth County has zero major airports.

Forsyth County has 78 designated recreational centers and parks. These areas are also hotspots for criminal activities. In terms of population distribution with respect to the recreational centers, only a few residents live near those areas, thus fairly reducing the chances of criminal activities.

How Forsyth County, NC Residents Get Out of Jail Fast

Forsyth County, NC residents arrested for civil or criminal offenses can apply for bail. Their bail application will be heard during their initial arraignment in court or during a separate court appearance. The judge presiding over the case hears from the defense and prosecuting counsels and decides on whether to grant bail or not. The judge also determines the bail amount based on factors like the severity of the charges. Defendants can choose to pay the full amount demanded by the court or contact a bail bondsman for affordable Greensboro bail bonds.

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  • Southside,
  • Lake Jeanette,
  • Hamilton Lakes,
  • Starmount Forest,
  • Oak Ridge
  • Meadows,
  • New Irving Park,
  • Dunleath,
  • Warnersville,
  • Hamilton Forest,
  • Sedgefield Lakes,
  • Guildord Hills,
  • Fisher Park,
  • Historic District,
  • Country Park
  • Acres,
  • Brandt Trace
  • Farms,
  • Rankin,
  • East Market
  • Street B,
  • Spring Valley,
  • Woodland HIlls,
  • Holden Farms,
  • Kings Forest,
  • College Hill,
  • Random Woods,
  • Northern Shores,
  • Greenhaven.
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