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Crime Statistics in Davie County

Davie County is located in North Carolina. The county has a population of about 35,676 residents who call it home. Over the past years, there has been an increase in the crime rate in the area, although sometimes insignificant compared to the national average. If you’re looking to visit Davie County, NC, or relocate here, there’s a chance that you may wonder about the criminal activities in the area.

In recent years, there has been an increase in online search for bail bonds, indicating the increasing need for friends and family members to get their loved ones out from behind bars. One has to, however, note that bail bonds are not only available for criminal offenses. This may, in a way, dilute the rising adoption of Greensboro bail bonds among residents.

So, what exactly is the crime rate in Davie County, and how does it measure against other counties across the United States?

Davie County Crime Statistics

With over 35,000 residents, the crime rate in Davie county has seen a significant uptick in the previous years. Recent statistics show that an overall crime rate of 3,249 per 100,000 residents is recorded annually. Unfortunately, this means you’re likely to be a crime victim in Davie County just as much as in any other county across the United States.

Furthermore, 1 in 31 Davie County residents is likely to be affected by criminal activities. This may be a direct involvement or by association. Considering past crime rates (3.127 per 100,000 residents), it is evident that Davie County has become more dangerous for residents as the crime rate is increasing.

Here is a breakdown of the area’s crime statistics to better understand the various types of criminal activities perpetrated in Davie County.

  • Murder rate: 3.1 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average pegged at 6)
  • Robbery rate: 11 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average pegged at 148)
  • Rape rate: 20 per 100,000 residents (lower than the national average pegged at 30)
  • Assault rate: 1,214 per 100,000 residents (significantly higher than the national average pegged at 644)
  • Burglary rate: 779 per 100,000 residents (higher than the national average pegged at 726)
  • Forced entry rate: 614 per 100,000 residents (higher than the national average pegged at 417)
  • Larceny rate: 1,132 per 100,000 residents (significantly lower than the national average pegged at 2,185)
  • Auto theft rate: 90 per 100,000 residents (significantly lower than the national average pegged at 362)

Given the overall crime statistics at about 3,249 per 100,000 residents, Davie County is scored at an average as its crime rate is lower than the national average pegged at 4,506 per 100,000 residents.

What Davie County Crime Statistics Mean

Generally, Davie County scores a B grade on the crime statistic map compared to other counties across the United States. However, based on the number of criminal activities reported, the county falls into the 67th percentile in terms of safety, making only about 33% of counties safer than it is.

While Davie county falls within the 66th percentile, it is important to note that residents in the south neighborhood are more prone to criminal activities than those in other parts. Per statistics, south neighborhood residents have a high chance of becoming crime victims with a 1 in 24 ratios. The crime likelihood in the south is higher compared to the northeast part of the county, with a 1 in 55 crime victim ratio.

It is also important to note that people living close to commercial centers, retail blocks, and other businesses are more likely to come in contact with criminal activities than those far away. Statistically, it has been proven that theft and armed robbery are more likely to occur in these business areas.

Parks and other outdoor spaces may also be dens for criminal activities. Davie county has ten parks and recreational spaces, which may have also contributed to its crime statistics.

What Happens Next?

With a high crime rate comes a higher likelihood of arrests made by the police. According to Policing statistics, the Davie County’s Sheriff has a 19% overall clearance, which, although lower than the national average of 28%, is reasonably good. With a 19% clearance rate, the police in the area are doing an excellent job of closing cases by arresting perpetrators and sending them to jail to be processed by the court.

Chances are high that you may have a loved one arrested for criminal involvement. Apex Bail Bonds offers Greensboro bail bonds at cheap rates, enabling defendants to get out of jail quickly and improving their chances of putting together a solid criminal defense case.

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