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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

We decided to start a blog, and here's why!

Having been in and around the bail bonds business for several years (including working with another bail agency before opening Apex Bail Bonds in Danville, Virginia) I've come to learn that there are many misconceptions and myths surrounding bail bonds. Oftentimes, people just aren't aware of how the bail procedure works, what bail bondsman do, or what they need to have/know before they can get a bondsman to post bail.

The aim of this blog will be to provide not just clients, but all readers with tips on how to post bail, how to get out of jail fast, and even how to stay out of jail in the first place! (For example, tips on what to do when you're approached by law enforcement either at a D.U.I. checkpoint, music festival, or any other setting.)

If you need a bail bonds service in Halifax, South Boston, Danville, Chatham, Martinsville, or anywhere else, contact Apex Bail Bonds right away so we can assist you in securing the quick release of your loved one.

We hope you'll continue to check back to see what's new every couple of days, as there will always be something interesting going on! In the meantime, please visit the Apex Bail Bonds Facebook page and click "like", because we'll be publishing all of the new blog posts there as well.

Check out the FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) and you may see the answers to many questions you've wondered about bail and/or bondsmen.

Thank you!

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