Happy Thanksgiving from Apex Bail Bonds & What We're Thankful For

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At Apex Bail Bonds, we have much to be thankful for. Most of all, we are thankful for our clients. Over the past two and a half years Apex Bail Bonds has grown from nothing more than an idea to the fastest growing retail bail agency in the area and the only bail bonds service licensed to post bail bonds in both North Carolina and Virginia. We're thankful to the many people who've helped turn this dream into an incredible true story. But most of all, we're thankful for our clients.

Until recently, Apex Bail Bonds LLC has essentially been a one man show, with the only licensed bail agent on staff also the owner and operator, Fred Shanks, IV. Office personnel have come and gone as the business expanded, but by and large, every single client (from our first in 2018 until late November 2020) has been served by one singular bail bondsman.

Over that period of time, Apex Bail Bonds grew from it's one shabby location in a small warehouse behind Danville City Hall and across from the Danville City Jail, to adding a second storefront location in Halifax, VA, and then soon-after in Wentworth, NC.

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Becoming the first bail bondsman and bail bonds service in the area to hold bail licenses in both Virginia and North Carolina has proved both challenging and rewarding. Navigating the different regulatory guidelines in each state and providing the same quality of service that Apex has always provided was a major worry early on. However, that decision has proven to be the most beneficial to our clients and our business so far.

One of the first bonds posted by Apex Bail Bonds in North Carolina was a record-setting $1,000,000 bond that set the stage for how the company would carry itself going forward. Since then, in the following months, Apex Bail Bonds has been recognized in both media and the bail industry for its expertise in posting large bonds. Apex Bail Bonds has successfully executed the posting of multiple six figure and seven figure bonds throughout 2020 with its most recent bond of that size being posted just this week.

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While Apex continues to carve out a niche in the large bond market, almost an industry to itself, the company remains focused on its core objective and values: serving the community and the region with a compassionate and affordable bail bonds service.

We're thankful for the new additions to our staff and our newly added bail bondsmen who will help us better serve clients in Danville, Chatham, Halifax, and Martinsville, VA in addition to Reidsville, Wentworth, Greensboro, Yanceyville, High Point, Burlington, and Roxboro, NC.

But most of all, the team at Apex Bail Bonds is thankful for our clients and their families who have inspired us to continue to reach new heights and serve more people in need than ever before.

Thank you for your support,

Apex Bail Bonds

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