PRESS RELEASE: Apex Bail Bonds Unveils 2019 Billboard Campaign

DANVILLE, VA—As part of the roll-out for their 2019 brand awareness initiative, Apex Bail Bonds is announcing they are partnering with Capital Outdoor Advertising for a 12-month billboard lease agreement. The billboard campaign will place the Apex Bail Bonds brand in front of tens of thousands of commuters in the Danville area.

See the press release below, or scroll down to see additional images of the first billboard placement!

Please STAY TUNED for additional updates and announcements from Apex Bail Bonds, both as part of the 2019 Brand Awareness Initiative, and all other announcements by following the Facebook Page or bookmarking our Homepage.

Instagram users can use this link as well: Apex Bail Bonds

For more information, or to speak to a local bail bondsman, call (434)548-APEX or (434)548-2739. Email us at

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