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If you need a bail bondsman in Clover, Virginia, we know you may not have the time to research every bail bonds service in Halifax County. Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax, VA is proud to have served bail bonds clients in Clover at the lowest rates in Virginia.

If someone you know is arrested in Clover, Virginia, they will be transported to the Halifax County Adult Detention Center at 1010 Blue Ridge Ln., Halifax, VA 24558. Upon being booked into the jail, the arrested individual will be brought before a magistrate. The magistrate will set the bond amount. In addition to setting the bond amount, the magistrate may set other conditions for the defendant to follow if they make bail.

Possible Conditions for Bail in Clover, VA:

  • May or may not be able to travel outside the Commonwealth of Virginia

  • Remain drug and alcohol free

  • Submit to drug screening

  • Submit to supervision of Halifax Pittsylvania County Pretrial Services

  • No contact with alleged victim(s) or state's witnesses

  • Maintain or seek employment

When a Halifax magistrate sets bail for someone arrested in Clover, the magistrate has a lot of discretion to set various bond conditions. Some bonds may have very few conditions at all, and some may have many conditions of bail.

In some cases, the magistrate will not set a bail bond and will instead order the person to be "held without bail" until they go before a judge. They may have to wait several days before being seen by a judge, but they will then have the opportunity to request a bond to be set by the judge.

If the judge denies bail, or the defendant would like to speed up the process to making bail then they may wish to hire a lawyer from Halifax.

After the bond is set, you will need a Clover bail bondsman or Halifax bail bondsman to post the bond if you do not have the full bond amount. At Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax, we can have you defendant released as soon as the bail is set if you give us enough notice!

Anytime you have an upcoming bond hearing, or playing on turning yourself in, it is best to call a bail bondsman in Clover or Halifax ahead of time. At Apex Bail Bonds, we are always willing to help you throughout the bail bonding process, whether you need a bail bondsman or not!

Call Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax today, and speak to our Clover bail bondsman, at 434-446-1499 or stop by our office at 100 S Main St., Halifax, VA 24558.

Our bail bonds office is just feet away from the Halifax jail!

Apex Bail Bonds of Halifax offers the most competitive rates of any bail bondsman, and is willing to work with you to make sure you can post your bail bond in Clover as quickly as possible. We are the only bail bonds service licensed to post bail in both Virginia and North Carolina, so you can rest assured that Apex Bail Bonds will be the only bail bonds agency you'll ever need!

Call Apex Bail Bonds for 24/7 bail bondsmen in Clover, VA!

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